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Why This Site?

Israel is unique among all nations of the earth. They are unique precisely because they have come to the place they now have by Divine mandate. No other country can make such a claim. The obvious question is why? Why did God choose this land, these people to represent His purposes and plans for mankind? The answer to that question is far less clear. What is clear, however, is that His promises were never revoked. The covenant He made with Abraham and His promises to David and his …

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An Opening Word

It doesn’t take an advanced degree to see the world is changing before our very eyes. Nor does it take a theologian to interpret the signs of the times. Sure, prophecy can be confusing at times but we all see how rapidly civilization seems to be reaching a tipping point. Some of us are tempted to hunker down, buy a piece of land in the wilderness and hope to hold on for dear life. That’s not what God calls us to do. Nor is it what this site is about. This site is about educating, informing, encouraging, and warning.

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