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Who We Are

Paul Toberty is president and CEO of IBS Holdings, a major commercial real estate developer and investor in Newport Beach, California. He has owned numerous Christian radio stations, helped start several other radio and television stations and is an active supporter of Israel. His latest book is titled, A Nation Born in a Day. Toberty served in the Korean War where he was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for valor. He has three children and eight grandchildren.

Don S. Otis is the founder of Veritas Communications, a publicity firm started in Los Angeles and now based in the Northwest. He is the author of five books and numerous articles. He has lived and worked in Israel and Lebanon where he ran the Voice of Hope Radio stations and helped start Middle East Television.

Landon Otis has worked in avionics and web design. He works as a web developer and designer at Keokee Publishing in Sandpoint, Idaho where he lives with his wife and two children. He has traveled to Israel and oversees the technical aspect of the website.


Eric E. Walker is an author and sought after speaker who connects the dots in the news to Bible prophecy and the end times. His insights into the Middle East are part of his weekly radio show. He brings a Jewish perspective to many of the complex issues facing the world today. He resides in Birmingham, Alabama where he served over the largest Messianic congregation in the United States.

Darrel and Cindy DeVille are founders of Shekinah Today Ministries in Dallas (shekinahtoday.org). They launched Pray America! Campaign which includes a 12 O’clock Prayer Challenge now in operation in more than 350 cities. They have been married for nearly three decades.