Israel, God’s Time Clock

An Opening Word by Paul Toberty

Paul TobertyIt doesn’t take an advanced degree to see the world is changing before our very eyes. Nor does it take a theologian to interpret the signs of the times. Sure, prophecy can be confusing at times but we all see how rapidly civilization seems to be reaching a tipping point. Some of us are tempted to hunker down, buy a piece of land in the wilderness and hope to hold on for dear life. That’s not what God calls us to do. Nor is it what this site is about. This site is about educating, informing, encouraging, and warning. It is about helping readers see the unique role Israel plays in these end times. And we are clearly in the end times based on the available evidence. The world is winding down and evil seems to be on the march.

Some of us lived through the Cold War and the fear of a Soviet Missile attack – either from Cuba, a submarine, or land-based ballistic warheads. Fortunately, that never happened. What we have seen, however, is the degradation of morality and the rise of Islam. Never in our wildest dreams did we believe that in September of 2001 the world would change forever. Evil was unleashed and that spirit plagues the hearts and lives of hundreds of millions the world over. Yet, there is one country that stands at the edge of political and religious tyranny; Israel.

The tiny state of Israel is a thorn to haters. It serves as a reminder to more than 1 billion Muslims that the Jews and their wretched state must be destroyed. It is a nation on the edge of a tsunami of hatred whose very existence is an affront to so many people. How can that be? How can a nation hold on in the midst of such animosity? This site will look at the spiritual, political, economic, and historical aspects that clearly indicate something is extraordinary about Israel, about the Jews, about the land. And we will posit ideas that may seem implausible but that we believe are nonetheless part of a promise made long ago.

The history of the Jewish people is a curious one. For reasons only a sovereign Creator can answer, they were selected to represent His eternal purposes to mankind. Yes, a tall task to be sure and one they have rarely gotten right. But that’s the story. It is a story of a God who has struggled to express Himself and be understood from the time Abraham was called to the “Promised Land” from his own homeland 600 miles away. A man who simply trusted the voice and instructions of a deity he knew nothing about. But the story just begins there. It is the story of a relentless God trying desperately to reach out and express His will, His purpose, and His love. In spite of His frustration with these “stiff-necked people,” He kept trying, much life a parent trying desperately to reach a wayward child. It’s a true love story and one that we will try to tell in various ways using different writers and experts. Israel is unique. Israel is still beloved by God. Israel is a bulwark of hope surrounded by a sea of despair.