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America: a Weakening Ally for Israel

18 Feb , 2016  

The United States and Israel have been powerful allies; almost since the founding of Israel in 1948. While western democracies fight Islamic terror throughout the world, Israel remains a staunch ally in the Middle East and the only real democracy. In spite of threats to both countries, in the past seven years there has been greater tension between the two. This is a paradox for anyone making a rational observation. The reason is that America, like a prodigal, is raging down a path of self-destruction. As a nation we are in the midst of a great moral and spiritual crisis. Both inside and outside our Churches we are seeing compromise and sin at levels we never thought possible.

As we persist in our rage against God and His righteous ways He continues, with great reluctance, to lift His hand of favor, His glory, blessing and protection from our nation.
In 2008 America experienced a market crash reminiscent of the great depression, which left our nation reeling. The stress and uncertainty, along with a staggering runaway national debt of over 17 trillion dollars has taken its toll. Currently we have record numbers struggling to make ends meet and millions more looking to government for assistance. And the federal government continues to spend more taxpayer money to prop up the economy by printing trillions. America’s ability to protect the state of Israel is compromised not just from a moral weakening but by irresponsible spending. A weak America means a vulnerable Israel.

In addition to this stress we are seeing civil unrest and terror in our streets. There is increasing contention in our government that threatens to rip our nation apart. And, sadly, historic natural disasters—deadly storms, massive droughts, wildfires, floods, snowstorms, and extreme weather across our nation have taken an increasing toll on both lives and the economy. Like ancient Rome, we are witnessing all the historical warning signs of an empire on the verge of implosion.

Many are looking to the elections for the hope and change they want to see. As we should know by now, this is a big mistake. The truth is, just changing a political party or legislation is like putting a Band-Aid on a deeply rooted cancer. To change the destructive course of our nation, we must first identify and deal with the root of America’s problem, which is the heart and soul of our nation. The real hope and change America desperately needs does not begin in Washington, DC, but begins with God, and His Church – the body of Christ, the ones called to be salt and light.

About the Author:

Cindy DeVille

Darrel and Cindy DeVille

Darrel and Cindy DeVille are founders of Shekinah Today Ministries in Dallas ( They launched Pray America! Campaign which includes a 12 O’clock Prayer Challenge now in more than 350 cities. They have been married for nearly three decades. They are the authors of God’s Answer for America: How to save and Change a Nation. To learn more about God’s Answer for America or Darrel and Cindy deVille go to or