Israel: An Overview in Time

29 Feb , 2016  

There is a modern myth that says the land of Israel was stolen from the Arabs but nothing is further from the truth. Around 1025 BC a shepherd boy fought a Philistine giant by the name of Goliath. The least likely candidate to be Israel’s second king, David ascended to the throne. By 1003 BC, […]


America: a Weakening Ally for Israel

18 Feb , 2016  

America and Israel Flag

The United States and Israel have been powerful allies; almost since the founding of Israel in 1948. While western democracies fight Islamic terror throughout the world, Israel remains a staunch ally in the Middle East and the only real democracy. In spite of threats to both countries, in the past seven years there has been […]


The Israel of God: Land, Faith and God’s Promises

26 Jan , 2016  

Israel tree and landscape

One of the oldest prophecies of the Bible has yet to be fulfilled. In Genesis 15 God promises Abraham and his descendants a very specific set of borders that Israel has yet to have sovereignty over. Upon examination of those borders, we see that what is currently Lebanon, Syria, major portions of Iraq, all of […]