Why Israel God’s Time Clock

Israel is unique among all nations of the earth. They are unique precisely because they have come to the place they now have by Divine mandate. No other country can make such a claim. The obvious question is why? Why did God choose this land, these people to represent His purposes and plans for mankind? The answer to that question is far less clear. What is clear, however, is that His promises were never revoked. The covenant He made with Abraham and His promises to David and his descendants are still valid.

Abraham and Isaac - Israel God's Time ClockNow, 3,000 years later we still marvel that God would reach out to all humanity through the Jewish nation. And that nation has a place that was given it by Divine right. In 1948, it was reestablished and the Jews returned from the Diaspora (scattering). The irony of the Holocaust is that it made the nation of Israel possible; it opened the door for the state of Israel to exist and thrive. Out of calamity, pain and loss, the Jewish state was “born again.”

This site is designed to give readers a glimpse into this unique people and place. While we hear about the terrorism, war, and alleged Israeli intransigence, what we hear too little about are the good things that Israel has brought to mankind. It is our aim to show you these good things and provide a balance to the negative haranguing by some media sources. It is not our objective to denigrate non-Jews or Arabs. Those of us working with this site are non-Jewish yet recognize that we owe a tremendous debt to those from whom the Messiah of the world was born in Jesus Christ.

What we do take umbrage at are any people who seek to annihilate attack, create terror, threaten, or present an anti-God picture of these people and this place. In the last century it was predominately the anti-Semitic hatred of the Nazis. Now, Islamic ideology fights a dangerous war against the Jews, their friends, and ultimately against the Creator.

You will read a series of published and non-published articles. Through these we hope to introduce fresh voices, reinforce the unique position of the Jews and Israel to the world.